features originally designed simple, but elegant, bridal veils that are made to order for your wedding gown!
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Our Standards for Traditional Bridal Veil Length

Our traditional style bridal veils are offered in 6 lengths as shown below
(click to enlarge):
Length Guide for Traditional Style Bridal Veils
TIP: Don't get too caught up in an exact measurement. For example, the length can change 2-3" just by bowing your head!  A measurement within 2-3" is usually sufficient.

If you find you need a custom length, no problem! We make all of our own bridal veils and can easily create one to suit your needs.
Despite what you may have been told, there are no "industry standards" for veil lengths. Every manufacturer has their own standards so don't rely on the length name alone.  For example, one manufacturer may consider "chapel length" to be 70", while to another it is 90".

Measure yourself to see where the veil will fall on YOU!